I recently found some data cassettes with drum programs from my TR-626.  Could these be loaded into Reaper?  I did a search and couldn’t find a thing.  So I dove in and here’s what I discovered on how to do this. more »

Are you seeing this message when you try to add a new post to your WordPress site?  Have you recently moved to a new server?  If the answer to BOTH questions is yes this might be the solution. more »

While I prefer Macs 100 to 1 over Windows PCs, Apple does like to play games with some things.  Such is the case with installing an old version of OSX on an old Mac.  You often will be told it fails with no explanation as to why.  After some deep diving online I figured out the simple solution from a few different sources.  HINT: it’s all about the date. more »


I’m pretty experienced in scripting, mainly web related, but a few different languages.  I’ve dabbled in AppleScript as well.  Thought about C (or the various flavors of it) but never committed to learning. After some time I have decided to try my hand at scripting for Reaper, the DAW. more »

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