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For the past 2+ years I’ve been recording again.  Yes again.  What seems like ages ago I was quite active in multi-track recording, using tape, you know, “old school”.  I got side tracked, was no longer actively in bands, and got away from it.  But like a bad penny, I have returned.  However technology moved at lightning speed was I was “away” and thus I am learning all about the digital audio workstation (DAW), which basically means doing the “old school” thing in computers now.  I selected Reaper as my DAW of choice, running on Macs, and after a couple of years I have accumulated some tips.  So I’ll be sharing some of that here from time to time.  This is going to be newbie stuff, so maybe it will help those who are just getting into it.  Pros – to quote Leslie Nielson, “move along, nothing to see here”.  Also, I have no affiliation with Reaper but am actually a paying customer.

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