Here’s a quick shout out to a great utility, TexFinderX.  This app also runs on both Macs and Windows.

So what does it do and why is it so great?  This handy app will search inside a folder of files, for any text you ask it to search for.  You can leave it at that or also use it to replace that searched for text in each file, with another text.  It can be one word or as much as you want to search for and replace.  This simple description however does not do it justice and you should visit the developer’s site to find out the full extent of what it can do.  I use it in coding.  For example if you’ve ever needed to rename a variable used in a script to avoid a conflict somewhere else.  I code mostly by hand, I just prefer it.  Yet when you know something like a variable exists in multiple files, that can quickly become tedious to root each instance out.  TexFinderX makes ultra quick and painless work from the task.  It has saved me a lot of time over the years and I highly recommend it.  It’s donationware.

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