Way way back in the early days of Mac the platform established itself as one to be used for music production.  Not just for the audiophile at home, but for serious pro music production.  Macs have continued to stand out in music although PC’s have pretty much caught up.  So I thought, being into all things music on Macs myself, I’d do a short series on apps I’ve found and prefer for doing things music related.  This will NOT be an all-inclusive series, only what I’ve found that works, and in most cases is open source or free.

To kick this off, let’s look at audio file splitting more »

One of the many sites I work on is a genealogy site for Breathitt County Kentucky.  It’s a simple informational site using only HTML, javascript and CSS.  No server side scripting available.  It’s been a good walk back in time for me as I’ve become so accustomed (read “dependent”) on doing everything server side with PHP.  Recently an update “demanded” some means of calling attention to it without being too annoying or flashy and also without using an image as there was simply no room for it.  It also needed to load fast.  Enter javascript and CSS. more »


I am not a fan of the lazy path of web site development the internet is burdened with today.  The reliance on super heavy frameworks, mainly javascript but also CSS and others.  I see sites loading dozens of them, which first off may not play well together but adds so much load time and weight to a web site that eats your computer’s ram.  Often times loading a framework to utilize one or two effects rather than just learning how to add a tiny bit of code instead.  It’s lazy.  Anyway, here’s a great post that discusses this very pervading problem.

The Cost of Javascript Frameworks

Macs are fabulous machines.  From the beginning they seemed to focus on and excel in publishing and also music production.  Today this is no less true although Windows has caught up generally, yet there’s still nothing like a Mac for those two types of work.  Macs however are not without their own challenges.  Installing Soundflower on High Sierra is one such example. more »

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