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To-do, shopping, you know… lists.  Or for that matter, notes of things you don't want to forget.  We all have them, use them… don't we?  Well for those of you that do, and subsequently have a computer and printer, I recently stumbled on to a unique twist on this.

I've been trying to keep my to-do lists on my computer.  Testing different software.  Problem is I think I have become so accustomed to those little pieces of paper floating around that I still search for them and forget about the high tech version.  Maybe I need a note to remind me to look on the computer…

At any rate, I found this nifty web site called PocketMod  that allows you to create your lists and notes with your computer and print them out on a single piece of paper that after a few folds and at least one cut, becomes a small booklet containing all of those bits of info you have scattered across several scraps of paper.  BUT this cool little thing goes a lot further than helping you create to-do lists.  There are templates for each of the mini pages for calendars, reference pages as you might find in a dictionary (conversions and such), a food diary, contacts, music staff or tab, graph paper, you just have to see this thing.  I would think especially for someone who is on the road a lot you could keep expenses, mileage, appointment lists.  Of course if you already you a planner then that's your tool, but if you don't this presents an interesting option for a substitute.

Adnittedly, I have yet to try this myself.  I've played with it and perused the available templates enough to be even more intrigued by it.  The one thought that comes to mind though is wonderig if your creation can be saved for modifying or printing out a new copy at a later time.  Perhaps that option presents itself once you're finished.  They mention a version you can download and keep on your computer as coming soon, so if a save option is not available now maybe it will be with this version.

If you use this I'd like to hear how it works for you.  I'm going to give it a test some day, but for now I need to find my current list after I tend to laundry.

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