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iPhoneWhether your traveling is around where you live, around your state, or across the U.S., there are a few apps that can make life easier and your travel more pleasant.  As with all of these posts, this is far from a comprehensive list, but merely a glimpse at the apps on my phone.

Google Maps
Yes, I already mentioned Google Maps in another post but it bears repeating here as well.  Don’t leave home without this one.  It’s invaluable.

The companion app for gasbuddy.com, a community driven web site where members report the current gas prices all over North America.  This is also a ‘must have’.  Who doesn’t like saving $.10/gallon by driving a block down the street?

TripAdvisor is something relatively new to me, as a user anyway.  This is also a community driven site with reviews of accommodations, restaurants, sites of interest, and more.  You can locate the best prices and book your stay through them as well.  Very valuable.

Bedbug Registry
This is the rare exception to my reviews as this is not a free app, but will set you back $2.99.  The is the app for the Bedbug Registry, a free, public database of user-submitted bedbug reports from hotels and apartment buildings across North America.  We have used this and it’s come in quite handy for at least avoiding the places that are known to have a problem.

Browse restaurants close by and make reservations.  Good for when you’re visiting an area and looking for a meal and have no idea what’s available.

Chimani National Parks
I’ve only browsed through this app but it seems promising, especially if you’re interested in visiting National Parks.  Look up details, location, and the history on the U.S. National Parks.

Where ever you are in the U.S., chances are there’s some points of historical interest nearby.  Find architecture, museums, battlefields, monuments, famous homes, and more with this app from the History Channel.

More to come!

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