iPhone This will be a brief post as utilities is a rather small category.  I’m certain there are many utility apps for the iPhone but I just haven’t found too many ‘must haves’ that I can say I use and have some experience with.

Prior to ios 7 a popular utility to have was a flash light app, which basically converts the camera flash into a flashlight, something I use quite often.  This app is not only free and ad free (unlike many), but you launch the app, and it turns the light on.  Simple!  No settings or other buttons, it just works.  If you’re not running ios 7 for what ever reason, I highly recommend this app.

Dragon Dictation
If you’re like me and can’t quite get the hang of texting with fat, clumsy fingers, this can be a life saver for those unavoidably long text conversations.  Launch the app, speak at it and presto! -your words are converted to text.  Very nice.

AT&T Mark the Spot
Most of us were stuck with AT&T for our provider in order to have an iPhone before Sprint came along offering service for it.  The downside is AT&T generally has spotty service at best in many areas.  This app allows you to mark the spot you’re having issues which send a direct report to AT&T.  Now keep in mind, just because you mark the spot doesn’t mean your connectivity gets fixed right away.  This just lets them know they have issues at that location.  As I understand it, cell antennas can be ‘tuned’ to improve connectivity.  This may be a complete fabrication of reality however, I have no way of confirming. At the very least, this will give you a way to vent your frustration with their less than stellar service.  I see where many people complain the app is slow to respond or can’t find their location.  Well I can only say DUH!  If you have no connectivity of course it can’t find you!  But you can map where you had problems once you are happily back in the fold.

ZBar Barcode Reader
This claims it’s not a shopping app, but it will scan bar codes and allow you to search for a product online.  It also handles QR codes (among many others) in case you’re looking for that as well.  Unfortunately it has not been updated in a while and only works with the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

As I promised this was brief.  I will be eventually adding a page with links to all apps I discuss for simplicity.  Next up…. who knows.  Maybe travel or shopping apps.  I have both in the queue.

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