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I haven't really discussed this too much, but over the past couple of years I've been strongly considering my next computer purchase being a MacBook Pro (laptop).  Why?

The longer I use Microsoft Windows the more I hate it. It's unstable and self-corrupting. The longer an installation is on your computer the slower your computer runs. It's not at all secure, requiring near weekly updates from Microsoft to fix yet more security weaknesses. While I have used LINUX on a PC, it doesn't quite have the support yet to make it a viable option for my needs. However, personal experience with a Mac at work proves their operating system (OS) to be highly stable and secure, not to mention Apple is quite possibly the leader innovator in the industry.

Apparently many others are coming to the same conclusion as the MacDailyNews is reporting Apple's home computer market share has more than doubled since 2004.  Also, AppleInsider reports "Apple's retail notebook sales up 94 percent in April"

I have been keeping my eyes and ears open for a while now to Apple related news, and just recently the upgraded the MacBook Pro with a little more processor speed, a TON of memory (2 gig) and a new backlit LED display which reduces the amount of power the thing uses, a great step forward in this power-hungry world we live. Oh, it also features a dual core Intel processor which will happily run both the Mac OS and (gag) Windows. And the keyboard is also lit for those late night computing binges.

Here are some concerns I have at present.

They cost more, not a lot more, but more than a PC laptop. But you get more, and better reliability. So I'm accepting that as a positive trade-off, in spite of having to find extra cash for it.

There's an overheating problem that's still plaguing them.  This MacRumors thread details a recent account of a guy how took his new MacBook apart to find a manufacturing problem involving heat sink compound. It's also mentioned in this Apple Discussions thread. This is an old problem, and one Apple seems to n ot want to talk about. It's too bad because this seems to be an awesome product that with some training of it's assembly employees, could be so much better.

Item #2, I recently discovered a disturbing news report from Greenpeace that Apple ranked as the worst computer manufacturer when it comes to reclaiming and recycling old systems. Apparently they have been just quietly dump them in various locations around the globe and, at the time of the article, didn't seem to be too interested in stopping this practice.

Further digging on the Greenpeace web site, I found this article, where Apple (Steve Jobs) responded to it's critics by issuing the following policy changes outlining the elimination of many hazardous chemicals from their products and promising proper recycling/disposal of reclaimed products to citizens of the US. Unfortunately they haven't made this promise to anyone else on the planet… yet. The plan seems to be fairly aggressive though and assuming they follow through with it relieves some of my environmental concerns about going Apple.

Also, with some digging on the Apple web site you can find a list of products and the hazardous materials they contain including instructions for proper handling.  Kudos to Apple for that as well.

Item #3, Engadget recently reported yet another class action lawsuit against Apple. This time about false claims they make about their screen resolution. I'm viewing this one as mostly sour grapes though.

Item #4 I've only seen reported by Engadget. It's a blurb about a potential vertical line problem in the 17" PowerBook displays. However since the new MacBook is different, not to mention a utilizing new display technology, AND I seriously doubt I'll be considering a 17-incher, I'm not paying a lot of attention to this.

So, with an eye on the news, and my bank account, the quest to make that final plunge into the world of fruity computing continues. I know it's only a matter of time and I'll be there.

More as it happens…

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