Today I wanted to figure out the name and artist of a music snippet I had that was about 10-11 seconds long.  Being an iPhone user I could turn to SoundHound, except I opted to uninstall it as I didn’t use it much and it took up a lot of space on my iPhone and it didn’t seem to help me find things very often.  SoundHound now offers an app for the Mac but I’m not running the latest OS so that wasn’t an option to test.  Now what? more »

by  creed3

Wow – I have no idea what the folks at Mozilla are doing now, and maybe they don’t either.  But every version of FF since 32.* has really…. well…. sucked.  Anyone else having any problems with FF on a Mac?  Literally every new tab I open causes it to peg my CPU at 100% for up to 2 minutes.  It is virtually unusable.  So for now, I’m sticking with v32 until they can stop the stupidity.

Time for another great Mac app: Meteo.  It puts the current weather and a forecast for the next several days in your Mac menu bar.  Simply put, this thing is awesome, I use it daily.  And it’s free.  Win-win!  Check it out.

After having lived primarily in the world of Windows for over 15 years, you get accustomed (“programmed”?) to the Windows way of doing things.  Of course that is the way with us humans, and we really don’t like to change.  So when you enter the world of Macs you discover instantly that there are other ways of doing things, such as starting your favorite application.

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