In the current trend of publishing, both online and in print, you may or may not have noticed the practice of placing 2 spaces between two sentences has been abandoned.  Today only one space is used.  Is this laziness or truly a case of where it’s no longer needed? more »

What’s that mouthful title all about?  I’ve been working on a new WordPress plugin for a client which allows an easy display of small bits of info on their home page which is not contained in posts or pages and is easy to update.  Not a monumental task, until you want to allow users who are not administrators the ability to access and save settings for the plugin. more »


So about that Mac development server on my local network.  It’s an old Mac, an Intel dual core xeon.  It runs OS X Server 10.6.8 which hasn’t had an update from Apple in at least a year I’m guessing.  Which of course means PHP hasn’t been updated which is not good for a development server. more »


I have a development Mac server on my local network that I use for developing new web sites or themes or you name it.  My WP sites also run there as well.  The problem has been getting WP to update on this server without providing my FTP credentials every time.  I finally found a solution. more »

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