Recently I was writing a post in a WordPress blog that I knew I would be updating periodically and wondered if there was any way I could get the most recent update date to display in the summary shown on the home page, or basically at the top of the post. After some searching and testing here’s what I came up with. more »

I subscribe to many developer focused email newsletters.  I really need to in order to attempt to stay up on the latest advancements in web site development.  Of course unless you have absolutely nothing else to do with your time, keeping pace with all the latest advancements is just not possible. more »

by  creed3

CSS is Awesome Awful A Real Challenge.

CSS is a lot of things.  What it’s not is perfect.  Far from it in fact.  Yet in spite of it’s short comings, in spite of the inconsistent browser support, both of which cause many a designer to jump through countless hoops in an attempt to achieve a consistent layout across all browsers, it’s hailed as the ONLY method to use for all web page layout.  Is that fair? more »


After looking for a while, I was unable to find a simple web based (read PHP) app that would allow me to just simply track my time on projects using only a few simple criteria.  I opted to do what any self respecting old school PHP scripter would do; build my own.  I decided to use timestamps for the start and stop times, which then presents that whole dealing with date formatting and addition thing. more »

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