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This is a little late, but perhaps better late than never.  I decided I need to try and get back to writing more and so in that vein I'm picking up where I left off in my quest of converting from the world of Windows to a Mac.

Today I can at least speak with a bit more authority as the conversion was made some months ago (hmmm…. somewhere around June or July) and I've had the time since to wrestle with it in person.

Today I think I'll focus on the physics of it.  Of course the Dell laptop I replaced with a Macbook Pro was something like a 2001 vintage.  No doubt modern day PC's are greatly improved but I will say that was a great machine and still to this day runs fine in spite of Windows.

My Macbook Pro is much lighter and has a thinner profile for starters which I like a lot better.  The CD/DVD unit has no tray, just a slot where the discs pop in and out of; nice.  We have a myriad of ports including USB, firewire, network, autio and video, and more.  It has built-n wi-fi also.  Of course you can see all the specs for yourself at

The screen dimensions are quite different.  It's a 15" screen yet is something like comparing a 19" CRT TV to a modern LCD version where the 19" diagnal measurement is maintained but the height to width proportions are vastly different.  I at once liked this but it's taken a little getting used to requiring more vertical scrolling.  Today I don't notice it though.  The screen is far superior in clarity and graphics are outstanding.

The housing is aluminum which is just simply very cool.  It is however susceptible to dings which a plastic housing doesn't get.  The keyboard has a vastly different feel to it than the majority of other laptops on the market but after a short time it's easy to get used to and I prefer it now.

One thing I have noticed that is somewhat my biggest complaint is Apple apparently decided to build in some sort of accidental keypress feature that after a slight amount of time, the first key, sometimes the first 2, that you press are ignored just in case it's an error.  Some people claim it's not a feature and some claim it is.  Apple supposedly 'fixed' this issue too but the fix doesn't seem to remove this 1 or 2 keypress ignore 'feature'.  This does get annoying at times.  I keep monitoring forums hoping one day they'll release a 'real' fix for it but it's not happened yet.

All considered, in spite of costing considerably more than an IBM compatible laptop, I'm quite happy with this machine.

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