My trusty 2008 Macbook Pro is still kicking.  However a week ago it started to freeze up within about 2 minutes of booting.  Oh no, is this outdated gem finally headed for the electronics graveyard?  Not so fast.  In spite of it seeming to indicate a motherboard problem, it was AT&T’s fault.  Let me explain. more »


This is a quick update on this topic. Following one of the many FF updates in recent months I noticed my new tab page was back to the old settings.  The first few tabs I had saved were still there, but the columns and rows were not right. more »

by  creed3

Wow – I have no idea what the folks at Mozilla are doing now, and maybe they don’t either.  But every version of FF since 32.* has really…. well…. sucked.  Anyone else having any problems with FF on a Mac?  Literally every new tab I open causes it to peg my CPU at 100% for up to 2 minutes.  It is virtually unusable.  So for now, I’m sticking with v32 until they can stop the stupidity.


. . .a long overdue update. . .

NO Facebook

If you’re paying attention you’ll recall in Dec. 2013 I discussed a few reasons for getting off of Facebook (‘fb’) and that I was seriously considering that it’s time to do so. Fast forward 10 months. With most everyone (that I know at least) involved with fb to some degree these days, the natural question might be “why?”.  I mean after all, who isn’t on fb these days?
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