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Anyone who has been using email for any length of time has experienced spam.  The more you use email the greater the onslaught.  I was reading recently a post in mac-forums.com where someone was asking for advice about dealing with spam on a Mac.  After replying I realized this would make a good post for the tech blog. more »


This won’t be the first article on the Internet to discuss Internet sharing with a Mac.  Yet after hours of searching and reading not one addressed my situation related to connecting a Mac Pro without Wi-Fi to an iMac running Yosemite with Wi-Fi.  What follows is the solution I was able to piece together. more »


In the current trend of publishing, both online and in print, you may or may not have noticed the practice of placing 2 spaces between two sentences has been abandoned.  Today only one space is used.  Is this laziness or truly a case of where it’s no longer needed? more »

My trusty 2008 Macbook Pro is still kicking.  However a week ago it started to freeze up within about 2 minutes of booting.  Oh no, is this outdated gem finally headed for the electronics graveyard?  Not so fast.  In spite of it seeming to indicate a motherboard problem, it was AT&T’s fault.  Let me explain. more »

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