As a software junky who is always downloading new apps to try, one can never be too careful about verifying you’re not installing malware. One step in that process is to verify downloaded files with the checksum provided by the software provider, when they provide one. In the years since I converted to Macs from Windows, I’ve yet to find a simple-to-use, free app to verify those checksums. So, I rolled my own which I have named c3checksum.  Yep.  You can read all about it and download it here.  If you’d like an app that has more options and complexity I also ran across Checksums which looks like an amazing option. I myself have not yet tried it but thought I’d offer it as an alternative to my own simple solution. Enjoy!


As it turns out I’m a little late to this party, sort of.  Being a Windows convert I have used antivirus apps on my Macs from day one in spite of all the “experts” shouting “Macs Don’t Get Viruses!” and berating those who choose to use an antivirus app or two on their Macs.  I use them, and basically don’t consciously worry about it. more »


Generally speaking I really like Apple products.  It’s what I use maybe 99.95% of the time.  The reasons are quite numerous.  Simply put, they just work without a lot of hassles or problems or crashes.  But every once in a while the developers do something really stupid.  Like the recent update to iTunes stops allowing the management of your iPhone with iTunes.  Stupid!  Ignorant!  Lame!  It’s something I’ve been meaning to write about for a couple of weeks now. more »


Here’s a quick shout out to a great utility, TexFinderX.  This app also runs on both Macs and Windows. more »

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